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"In 2022, our path crossed that of Maison Tellus and we literally fell in love with it. Nothing predestined us to take over a watch brand other than our passion for beautiful things and our love of fine mechanics. But life sometimes offers you challenges and opportunities that you have to grab... This brand, soon to be a hundred years old, comes from a watchmaking dynasty dating back to 1790 and could not be allowed to fall into oblivion. This beautiful story must continue, and that's the challenge we've set ourselves".

Claire & Nuno de Ayala

ALLIANCE of skills and complicity

Nuno, a renowned business lawyer, has a taste for strategy and entrepreneurial adventure, and identified himself with all the values conveyed by Maison Tellus. He was immediately inspired by the project, and decided to grab the opportunity to contribute his dynamism, motivation and vision to the future development of what should and must be a luxury watch brand in the coming years.

He wanted to embark on this adventure with the woman who shares his life for many years now, because their complementary skills are so obvious. Claire, who has a communication and event background, has worked in the luxury goods industry for several years, and has always been attracted by the crafts that highlight the manual skills of excellence.

"We don't see the Tellus takeover as a transaction, but as a shared and exciting adventure. We are determined to breathe new life into this brand and to share its history and destiny with all those who, like us, have a passion for beauty, authenticity, quality and refinement."

« Audaces fortuna iuvat »



watches with character to better seduce (you)

Maison Tellus focuses on the sensory experience of the watch. We want our customers to feel pleasure in touching, wearing and admiring their watch.

We use quality materials to provide an exceptional tactile and visual experience. Our watches captivate the eye and provoke interaction with those curious to know more about your watch.

Maison Tellus adresses all those who, without denying the quality inherent in a luxury watch, are above all captivated by the beauty and originality of a design. For those for whom the relationship with their watch is a game of seduction and sensuality. For those who want to differentiate themselves and assert their singularity by wearing unique, emblematic timepieces.


you are unique, so is your Tellus

At Maison Tellus, in addition to our iconic models, we regularly produce limited editions, with priority booking for our loyal customers. And for those who want their watch to remain forever unique, customization of certain elements (dials, brackets, indexes and hands) is available on request.

We undertake not to reproduce a second model. Your creation will remain unique, reflecting your specific personality and style.

Our customers are much more than ambassadors; they are an unrivalled source of inspiration. Together, we set trends with passion.