We take the greatest care in the design and manufacture of our timepieces. To guarantee their longevity and precision, regular maintenance of your Tellus is necessary to enable it to retain its primary qualities and reliability, as well as its appearance.

Our Workshop offers you three types of maintenance service: Maintenance service, Full service and Polishing service.

for your peace of mind

maintenance department

A maintenance service is recommended every two years. Our watchmakers will check the movement parameters and functions of the watch.

Each component will be dismantled and inspected, if necessary replaced. All seals will be replaced, the water resistance of your watch will be checked, the metal case and bracelet will be cleaned and, if necessary, it will be polished to restore it to its full shine. For quartz models, the battery will also be replaced.

Our watchmakers will then carry out the final checks to ensure that it works perfectly according to the standards of the Maison Tellus.

For your peace of mind

Full Service

A complete service is recommended every five to seven years, including an initial diagnosis of the case in search of the slightest aesthetic imperfection, disassembly of the case and disassembly of the movement piece by piece.

All components are carefully cleaned and freed of oil and dust residues, gaskets and worn or defective parts are replaced. The mechanism is then reassembled, lubricated, adjusted and regulated according to movement and its tightness is checked.

For quartz models, the battery is replaced. The polishing of the case and the metal bracelet completes the process in order to guarantee the aesthetics of your Tellus.

For your peace of mind


A polishing service for the case and metal bracelet will allow your Tellus to retain its shine and aesthetics. Our watchmakers will determine the type of polishing depending in particular on the condition of your Tellus. We offer two types of polishing: light or full.

Light polishing consists of cleaning and shining your watch. The tools and products used will not be very abrasive and will therefore make it possible to revive the shine of your watch without removing material from it. This type of polishing is recommended in order to erase micro-scratches but will not make it possible to attenuate deeper marks.

The complete polishing will erase all the aesthetic imperfections of your Tellus. It is recommended when your watch has deep scratches. However, during this process a thin layer of metal will be removed so this operation should not be repeated too often.