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In all cases where you need to return your watch to us, in the event of the implementation of your Tellus International Guarantee or for out-of-warranty repairs or maintenance services, we actively support you and offer you our Shipping Service.

In order to benefit from this, please contact us using the form below so that we can send you an envelope containing a postage-paid packaging set.

In the event that you wish to use your Tellus International Guarantee, you must enclose a copy of your guarantee card or, if you purchased it online, the guarantee number with your shipment so that we can confirm the validity of your guarantee. this in relation to the serial number of the watch.

The Expedition Service is only open to individuals who own a Tellus watch, residing in the countries eligible for the service and listed in the form below, excluding authorized Tellus resellers, even acting on behalf of an individual.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at .