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Two years warranty

Your Tellus watch is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for a period of 2 (two) years, in accordance with the Tellus Watches general conditions (“ Tellus International Guarantee ”), taking effect from the date of purchase of the watch (“ Period Warranty ”).

The Tellus International Warranty does not cover the following points (hereinafter, the “ Exceptions ”):

> thefts, losses, force majeure events, natural disasters and accidents of any kind;
> damage due to misuse or improper use of the watch and/or its components;
> damage due to alteration of the watch and/or its components carried out by third parties not approved by Tellus;
> bracelets (except metal bracelets);
> natural wear and tear due to normal use and aging of the watch and/or bracelet and its buckle or clasp;
> repair requests for a watch whose warranty has not been activated.

Maison Tellus

Extended Warranty

Tellus Watches offers its registered customers an additional service, namely the purchase of an extension of the Tellus International Guarantee guaranteeing your Tellus watch against any manufacturing defect for an additional period of 2 (two) additional years (" Extension of the Tellus International Warranty ”).

The Tellus Warranty Extension is only available for watches purchased through one of the Tellus distribution channels, and benefiting from the current Tellus International Warranty. The Tellus Warranty Extension must be activated within 90 days of purchase of the watch.

The Tellus Warranty Extension takes effect the day following the expiration date of the Tellus International Warranty

The Tellus Warranty Extension is valid once and cannot be supplemented by a second Tellus Warranty Extension for the same Tellus watch.

The Tellus Warranty extension remains valid during the warranty extension period provided that any maintenance and/or repair work on your Tellus watch has been entrusted to Tellus or approved maintenance services.

Exceptions apply to the Tellus Extended Warranty.

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