"Even today, we are perpetuating the tradition of the Tellus house: combining the know-how of our Swiss watchmakers, whom we like to say are the experts in the mechanisms of time, and the modernity of our designs. In our eyes , a watch is above all a unique and personal object with which we build a special relationship.

In an increasingly connected world, we wish through our creations, to restore meaning to our relationship with time. In other words, to "over-connection" we prefer "reconnection" by offering watches that go through time or rather accompany it...

Like a living being, the beauty of a watch resides as much on the inside as on the outside."

Claire de Ayala
President of Tellus Watches SAS

Our philosophy


A beautiful watch is above all endowed with a perfect mechanism that lives to the rhythm of time.

Since 1926, Tellus has been innovating and perfecting its timepieces by selecting the best materials and the best technologies. Our philosophy: To continue to make the heart of our watches beat by refining their melody and making them more efficient in order to provide you with emotions.


A mechanical watch can last forever if given a little attention. A simple regular overhaul by a Tellus master watchmaker will guarantee its proper functioning.

Many of our old models have been passed down from generation to generation and are still worn today by men and women sensitive to the quality and aesthetics of things.

The magnificent testimonials of our collectors encourage us to maintain the excellence of the House so that your Tellus may also one day be on the wrist of your descendants.